Healthy palm Healthy Palm Trees

A healthy palm tree has green palm fronds throughout and shows no signs of diseases or nutrient deficiencies.


A sure sign a palm tree has a Spiral Whitefly infestation is white and/or black spots on the fronds. Another sign of infestation is the spiral honeydew they leave behind. This honeydew attracts sooty mold, which is black in color and feels like dust.


One of the fastest, most effective ways to treat Spiral Whitefly is Arborjet. Arborjet treatment is an injection that penetrates the tree and travels throughout the trunk, branches and leaf tissue. An Arborplug is inserted into the tree where a hole was drilled in order to keep the formulation inside. This does not harm the tree and the tree grows over the Arborplug. Arborjet treatment is fast acting and lasts throughout the next season.

fertilizer-landscape2When to Treat

The best time to treat a palm tree with declining health is before it gets less than 50% canopy dieback (newest, uppermost, center fronds) and/or during the spring and fall. A tree with less than 50% canopy dieback is not a good candidate for treatment. Also, a tree with less than 50% dieback is either dying or already dead.